Did you know that in our survey of 44 growth companies, more than 50 percent said that half of their sales reps leave within three years?   It is to get the right rep in the door and make them successful.  By not hiring the right sales reps, startups and growth companies like yours are losing time and money.  Knowing which skills matter will help make sure your coaching and training lead to better sales results.

Hiring the right sales reps isn’t as easy as you might think.  We found in our Sales DNA work that one size doesn’t fit all – there are significant differences in the characteristics that define what great sales performance looks like.

How Sales DNA can help you

Using our Sales DNA solution, companies can learn how their reps match up to the persona of a high performing rep for their selling focus – vertical, horizontal, or education tech focused on K-12 and higher education.

Through Sales DNA, you will be able to answer key questions such as:

What combination of intrinsics, skills, motivations and culture define the highest performing sales reps for my selling focus and how do my reps match up?

How do we more effectively recruit and train sales reps to align with this profile so we aren’t recruiting the wrong types of sales reps or training on skills that don’t matter?

Where do we stand in terms of the commercial capabilities (e.g., marketing and sales ops) relative to a cohort of like companies? Which should we focus on improving?

How do I participate?

Sales DNA is an online survey that your reps take that assesses their capabilities for the traits that matter. In addition, there is a diagnostic survey to assess your commercial capabilities. The output you receive in return includes:

  • An in-depth report evaluating how your sales reps compare to the Sales DNA of a high performing rep, as well as a deep dive on your commercial capabilities and how you stack up against your peers and best practices
  • A follow-up call with McKinsey experts to review results and discuss implications, opportunities for improvement, and potential next steps

What makes a successful growth stage salesperson?

Our Sales DNA analysis shows that when it comes to sales reps, one size does not fit all startups. What key characteristics matter for your company?


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