We built our web-based B2B SaaS benchmarking tool to help you and your investors measure performance and identify levers for faster and more efficient growth in your startup. As we developed our software-based tool to address challenges, we noticed:

  1. Each SaaS business is unique, with an ever-expanding number of business models, solutions, markets, and customer behavior patterns
  2. Good metrics are hard to find, with few reliable benchmarks and limited insight in terms of how to address lagging indicators
  3. Most benchmarks on the market are one-size-fits-all, comparing participants against all others (instead of comparing against relevant peer groups)

Our SaaSRadar database includes:


B2B SaaS participants including private/public standalone SaaS companies and SaaS businesses within larger firms


million ARR range for all participants to focus on companies with real technology and a proven market


critical metrics that drive rapid growth and diagnose potential pitfalls (including sales, marketing, churn, upsell, etc.)


hand-picked peers in each cohort, customized by participant to represent current peers and companies at the “next horizon”

We designed SaaSRadar to answer key business questions for startups

How are we performing with respect to our current peers?

Compare to a cohort of companies that best matches the business today to benchmark current performance

How will we be doing if we hit our annual plan?

Benchmark the annual plan with future peers to test if the plan will help the company reach best practice

What should we look like at the next horizon?

Identify a cohort that matches company targets for revenue, ACV, etc. to identify gaps to the next horizon

How should we prioritize our budget and efforts in the short and long term?

Discover and prioritize next steps to grow effectively whether it is hiring additional reps or investing more in R&D

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SaaSRadar helps investors track portfolio companies and conduct due diligence

How are our portfolio companies performing with respect to each other?

Track portfolio companies in a single customizable dashboard to determine areas to prioritize

How are our portfolio companies performing with respect to the market?

Compare portfolio companies to a cohort of companies that best match the business today to benchmark current performance

What are some strengths and weaknesses of our target company?

Conduct due diligence on a target company by utilizing the financial and operational benchmarks


How many customers should each of your sales reps have?

  Fast growth companies often lack basic data and benchmarks about...

Does your CLTV to CAC ratio stand up? Does it matter?

Many SaaS businesses use the ratio of customer lifetime value...

Is your pricing page slowing or accelerating growth?

Do you have a pricing page on your website? Our...