The High Performing Ed Tech Sales Rep: It Isn’t Who You Think It Is

By Judy Wade and Jake Bryant We have all seen it before.   Your top performing sales reps outperform your weaker ones by 3-4x.[1]  Yet understanding where...


Problem Solving Course for Fast Growth Companies

McKinsey Fast Growth Tech is pleased to announce its next course - Problem Solving, running from July 11 to August 29! What will I learn? In Problem Solving, managers learn the... View More

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Insights That Work For You

SaaSRadar, our proprietary benchmarking solution for B2B SaaS companies, provides exclusive access for companies to see where they stand against a customized cohort of peers and gives VCs a unique perspective across their portfolios.

How many customers should each of your sales reps have?

  Fast growth companies often lack basic data and benchmarks about how to organize and manage an effective sales force, a critical part of sustaining high... View More

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Does your CLTV to CAC ratio stand up? Does it matter?

Many SaaS businesses use the ratio of customer lifetime value (CLTV) to customer acquisition cost (CAC) to measure their sales efficiency.  The higher the CLTV/CAC... View More

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Now announcing McKinsey Academy course: Communicating For Impact!

McKinsey Fast Growth Tech is pleased to announce its next McKinsey Academy Course - Communicating For Impact, running May 23-July 11!   What is McKinsey Academy? McKinsey Academy provides... View More

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Take a tour of key issues facing tech CEOs: TechTour 2017 roundup

TechTour and the European Venture Capital Association held their annual TechTour Growth Forum in Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland, on March 30-31, 2017.  This event brings... View More

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Loyalty in the Age of Disruption

By Ken Fenyo The retail industry is facing unprecedented disruption as new technologies and competitors upend established ways of doing business.  Paradoxically, these trends make it... View More

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