Biotechs face a fundamentally different context when compared to larger pharmaceutical companies. The science is often more disruptive and more uncertain. The treatment paradigm, regulatory, and market access paths are often in flux. These innovators need a new level of agility to shape or respond to market events.

We have worked with emerging biotech companies like yours on issues key to growth and maturation. Our deep talent pool meets the specific needs of biotech companies, including 500+ consultants with specialized academic backgrounds (MDs, Ph.Ds, and other health-related degrees). We also have access to top KOLs in business and science through our standing advisory boards and professional expert networks.

Our work has addressed a number of key questions for biotech companies. Get in touch if you’re thinking about any of the following:

Asset and platform strategy

We have helped innovative biotechs identify the right indications or targets to pursue with their assets or technology platforms. In a recent example, we helped an innovative biotech identify the ideal PoC indication to optimize their probability of success and to accelerate their timeline. The company used the development plan as a basis for partnership discussions with pharma companies.

Clinical operations optimization

The capability to run clinical trials efficiently and effectively is “existential” for many biotechs. While many trials are now outsourced to CROs, it is not “out of sight, out of mind”. For example, optimizing site selection and patient recruitment has significant implications in highly competitive therapeutic areas. Recently, we applied a machine-learning approach to help a client accelerate patient enrollment by 30%+.

Commercial model

We have worked with a broad range of clients to understand the requirement for commercial success by defining indication-specific go-to-market model, identifying potential partners, assessing field force requirements, and optimizing field deployment.

Asset value forecasting

Asset valuation is notoriously inaccurate, which has significant implications on the valuation, perception, and strategic options available to a biotech. We have worked with leading biotechs to help them assess the value of their assets by leveraging proprietary resources to deliver our forecast, including a comprehensive database of 1,000+ drug analogs, a detailed and rigorous analytic approach, and an extensive knowledge of major therapeutic areas.

Launch readiness

We have helped many clients in launch readiness, from mobilizing an organization, to defining and executing a launch plan, to addressing the most critical drivers to maximize uptake after launch. We have been involved in a variety of launches, from break-through innovative therapies in a new area, to me-too drugs in a crowded market, tailoring the launch preparation to the specific requirements.

Patient finding in rare diseases

Many rare diseases are notoriously difficult to identify the full patient pool, as the patients are distributed geographically, and many physicians are not accustomed to seeing rare indications, so they may not diagnose correctly. In a recent example, we helped a biotech reignite growth for a rare disease product by using advanced analytics to identify patterns within real-world data including claims data, diagnosis codes, and electronic health records.

Recovery strategy after clinical set-back

Biotech is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. Failure of a late-stage clinical program is common and can impact the valuation of a biotech company by 30-70%. The moments after a clinical trial are crucial. We have worked with several biotechs to develop a recovery strategy in such situations. In one example, we worked with a biotech that had a failure of a Ph 3 program. We helped the company assess the remaining programs and key value inflection points, and staged a long-term strategy including evaluation of inorganic opportunities.