There are a number of important challenges that B2C companies like yours face as they grow. We have helped companies on a wide range of key growth areas, including overall growth strategy, monetization and pricing, customer acquisition, and retention and loyalty.

Through short-burst engagements, our pioneering benchmarking and cohort tools, and by facilitating workshops and advisory sessions, we have helped companies across e-commerce, marketplaces, social network platforms, and media properties achieve growth and hit their next milestone.

B2C startups face a range of challenges and opportunities as they grow, and we understand how your company is different from the rest. Get in touch if you’re thinking about any of the following:

Growth strategy

We help businesses choose their next growth play, including advising on how to select and enter your next growth market, and whether organic or inorganic growth is the right strategy. In one of our recent engagements, we helped a specialty e-retailer diagnose opportunities to profitably grow revenue by 30% per year. First, we quickly determined the development of an acquisition engine should be prioritized. We also developed a series of recommendations to improve the client’s SEO position and paid search strategy. In addition we set the foundations for dynamic pricing through competitive price scraping and continuous testing. Finally, leveraging a new design partnership (Carbon 12 Creative) we developed a new UX concept and designed its implementation.

Monetization and pricing

Getting pricing right can be one of the most difficult decisions your company makes. We help you better monetize your product offering, right wrongs in your pricing model, and create bundles that are most attractive to your customers. One of our recent engagements on pricing saw a memory storage startup switch from capital pricing to subscription, which led to a 6% margin increase and 4x jump in valuation to $1B pre-IPO.

Customer acquisition

There is no one-size-fits-all acquisition strategy. We help you choose between acquiring users through ads or through content, and work alongside you to build word-of-mouth in the market for your product or service.

Retention and loyalty

Acquiring customers is only the first step to growing your company quickly. We work with you to raise customer satisfaction, lower customer churn, and build a credible brand with your user base so your users stick around longer and build deeper relationships with your company. We helped a mobile lifestyle app company seeking to improve conversion of freemium to paid users increase its conversion rate by 10 points through better customer relationship management and partnerships, as well as increase freemium users by 2-3x.