As a startup B2B SaaS company, you have to get many things right to grow quickly and efficiently.  We have helped companies on a wide range of key growth areas, including overall growth strategy, customer segmentation and value proposition definition, go-to-market organization and processes, sales and marketing capabilities, and pricing.

Through short-burst engagements, innovative benchmarking and cohort tools, workshops and advisory sessions, our work with more than 75 B2B SaaS companies has helped startups like yours accelerate growth and hit strategic milestones.

We have addressed a number of the most important questions for B2B startups. Get in touch if you’re thinking about any of the following:

Growth strategy

We help businesses choose their next growth play, including advising on how to select and enter your next growth market, and whether organic or inorganic growth is the right strategy. One example is in a recent engagement with an API technology company aiming to enter the healthcare vertical. Through our work, we identified five key needs of healthcare customers not currently met by competition and helped the client win its first three customers within 90 days.

Customer segmentation and value proposition

Getting pricing right can be one of the most difficult decisions your company makes. We help you better monetize your product offering, right wrongs in your pricing model, and create bundles that are most attractive to your customers. On segmentation, for instance, we recently worked with a big data company seeking to raise additional capital. Through our engagement, we helped the company quantify a path to 70% growth and develop an investor pitch deck which helped raise $50 million in series-D funding.

Go-to-market organization and motion

B2B SaaS companies have to deal with many complex questions when figuring out how to go to market and scale their organization and processes.   We work with you to shorten long sales cycles and payback, and reduce poor leads and low conversion rates. We can help address variance in sales discounts and quota attainments as well. In a recent engagement, we worked with a SaaS player facing increasing competition from legacy software vendors in commercial accounts. To help them understand options to tackle this competition, we built a TCO model that calculates the five-year cost incurred by customers and redesigned the sales organization to incorporate this new approach.


Acquiring customers is only the first step to growing your company quickly. We work with you to raise customer satisfaction, lower customer churn, and transition to new pricing models like subscriptions so your customers stick around longer and build deeper relationships with your company. One of our recent engagements helped a healthcare SaaS company providing clinical IT solutions multiply revenues by 10x within two years. We also helped the company get to an IPO through an organizational redesign which drove greater value from their pricing.