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Fast Growth Tech Practice

From seed-funded startups to companies with $100 million or more in funding, entrepreneurs are essential leaders of innovation and disruption in our global economy. Our growing Fast Growth Tech team at McKinsey is committed to providing to these companies and their investors the business insights, capabilities, and large company connections needed to achieve their full potential.

What we do

We leverage McKinsey’s business and functional insight to help pre-IPO companies accelerate growth and achieve their investment milestones.   We work with companies in 4-8 week bursts, focusing on rapidly turning insight into execution and business impact.   We also help companies with longer-term business-building efforts, often dedicating McKinsey staff to ensure success.   Companies and their investors find answers in our solutions, for example, by benchmarking their performance against relevant peers, or understanding how their sale reps stack up to high performers with similar selling models.

Solutions to strengthen your business

See how your SaaS company performs against a cohort of peers. Sign up now for SaaSRadar, our proprietary benchmarking solution


Problem Solving Course for Fast Growth Companies

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Does your CLTV to CAC ratio stand up? Does it matter?

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